Privacy policy


With this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”), the treatment of the data facilitated by Users and clients (consumers) of products and services acquired in the website of PERRELET, S.A. with social address in la Rue Bubenberg, 7, 2502, Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) (from now on, the COMPANY) gets regulated.

This Privacy Policy pretends to announce the way the COMPANY captures, treats, uses and protects the data that, as the manager, obtains through the website, so the Users can determine free and voluntarily if they want to facilitate and/or keep them, and always through the channels habilitated for that.

Personal data the COMPANY may obtain from the users of the website and/or consumers of its products, services and commercial promotions, are going to be treated with absolute confidenciality, with the COMPANY engaging itself to keep duly secret of them and guaranteeing its custody, adopting all the measures so that data shall not be altered, lost and treatment or access which is not allowed.

This way, data facilitated by users through this website are going to be treated as is established in our Privacy Policy (, according to what is disposed by the Swiss Federal Law about Data Protection (LFPD), the Ordinance related to the Swiss Federal Law about Data Protection (OLPD) and the EU Regulation 2016/649 of the European Parliament and the Council, April 27th 2016, related to the Protection of the physical people regarding the treatment of their personal data and its free circulation, as well as what is disposed in the norms that adapt their national legal systems to that said EU Regulation and the rest of legislation regarding the information society and e-commerce.

Likewise, our Privacy Policy considers the Privacy Shield Frame (EU-U.S.A. and Switzerland-U.S.A.) and the existence of Standard Contractual Clauses about this.

All that, according to this following detail:



Users of the website and/or final consumers and/or clients of the same territorial scope where the COMPANY distributes its products via online.


PERRELET, S.A. with social address in the Rue Bubenberg, 7, 2502, Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). Phone number: + 41 (0) 32 346 26 26 / Fax number: +41 (0) 32 346 26 27 / E-Mail:


The addressee of that Data is the COMPANY, which shall use them only and exclusively with the finalities they were obtained for.

Data can be communicated in the following cases:

  • Internally:

Likewise, this information, combined with other Personal Data the companies of the group of companies may have obtained about an user can be analyzed as one.Personal data can be given to other companies of the same group of companies the COMPANY belongs to, EU residents, with the finality of providing a better commercial and after-sales services.

  • Externally (third parties, aliens to FESTINA and its group of companies)

Although the transfer and release of data to countries which are outside the EU and neither are Switzerland is a rarity, to obtain services related to the finalities of treatment here indicated, some data can be shared with other companies and/or professionals (third parties) who, in no way, can use them for their own profit.

In that sense, every transfer of personal data to third parties who are not neither in an EU/EEE country nor in Switzerland is going to only be done when it is checked the recipient’s data level of protection is appropriate and that the interested users have given their consent out.

To find complete information about the PrivacyShield Program, or if you want to know if a company from the U.S.A. belongs to this Privacy Shield, you can check the Privacy Shield List in the website of the Commerce U.S.A. Department:

In that list, data of all the companies that belong to the Privacy Shield can be found, as well with explaining which personal data use and what kind of services they offer.

In particular, related to the hosting of data, it has to be said that most of the captured information is stored, basically, in the EU, whether it is in the companies’ headquarters or its providers’ which have a site in the European scope.

Every hosting of data that takes place in the U.S.A., country that does not offer the right level of protection, will only get stored using services’ providers that offer the right guarantees because of their adscription to that said Privacy Shield Frame (EU-U.S.A. and Switzerland-U.S.A.) and the existence of Standard Contractual Clauses about this.

Related to the sale processes that take place through the website, some data can be shared to these entities:

  • Financial entities that serve to manage the payments in and out.
  • Competent Public Administrations, in those cases envisaged by law and for the finalities there established.
  • Entities related to payment management, data transfer, logistic and transport, with the only one finality of executing their own services, related to each order every user may entrust to the COMPANY.
  • Advertising and Media Agencies, that, while being in a contractual relationship with the COMPANY as managers (or not) of the data treatment, take part or/and execute promotional campaigns, contests, draws, etc. for those which previously the users have expressed in a valid and unequivocally way their consent for the treatment of their data.
  • Private administrative agencies, lawyers, consultants (financial advisors, money laundering, etc.), security companies, risk prevention companies, health monitoring companies, that, while being in a contractual relationship with the COMPANY as managers (or not) of the data treatment, deal with its legal obligations.

Either way, the COMPANY shall adopt the necessary measures of active surveillance so those entities guarantee the compliance of the regulation about personal data protection which in force in that moment.

Under no circumstances, personal data will be disclosed except if there is a legal obligation to do so.


The COMPANY treats the personal data according to what is disposed by the Swiss Federal Law about Data Protection (LFPD), the Ordinance related to the Swiss Federal Law about Data Protection (OLPD) and the EU Regulation all them related to Data protection, and does it for the following purposes:

  • Offer our users products and/or services that may be of their interest and manage the sending of information they can request.
  • To contact with the COMPANY for petitions and requests of information and to monitor them afterwards.
  • Video surveillance of the installations and points of access of the COMPANY.
  • To prevent the improper, wrong or illicit use of the website.

Legal base

  • The legal base to offer products and/or services that may be of their interest to the users and the management of the sending of information they may request is the satisfaction of the legitimate business interest and the previous consent, respectively.
  • The legal base to attend and manage the requests and consultations is the existence of a contractual and/or pre-contractual relationship along the previous consent.
  • The legal base of the video surveillance has to do with the legitimate interest, that is to say, it is a necessary step for the security and good functionality of the company, but also with the compliance of those legal obligations that may arise for certain activities, like the jewellery.
  • The legal base of the worker supervision video surveillance is the legitimate interest that has to do with people and assets’ security in the company’s installations, the control of the workers, control of their compliance with the security and prevention norms and, specially, with the preventive measures regarding occupational risks.
  • The legal base to prevent the improper, wrong or illicit use of the website is the legitimate business interest and/or the compliance of legal obligations.


Given by the data subject with his/her consent, obtained from public sources (public registries, mass media, etc.) or legally given by third parties (advertising agencies, etc.)

No data processing out of what establishes the article 22 RGPD will take place. However, some data are processed automatically with the only purpose of evaluating some personal details (create a profile), for example, in these cases:

1.- Under statutory and legal provisions related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism. (In Spain, Law 10/2010, April 28th, of prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, in Switzerland, Federal Swiss Law, October 10th, about money laundering (LBA).

2.- To inform and suggest correctly about some products with the purpose of adapting the communication and marketing topics according to the users’ needs. If that evaluation has a connection with direct marketing, users shall have the right to object at any time.

Data Category

    • Related to the offer of products and/or services that may be of the users’ interest, the managing of the sending of requested information, and also to the managing of requests, questions and claims, we collect these data: name, surname, e-mail, country and, optionally, phone number.
    • Related to the video surveillance, we collect this data: the people’s image information.


The party concerned has the following rights:

  • Access: (Art. 15 RGPD and Art. 8 LPD). This lets obtain information about if the COMPANY treats their personal data and also to check the personal data included in the COMPANY’s files.
  • Rectification: (Art. 16 RGPD and Art. 5 LPD). This lets modify, correct and complete the data compiled.
  • Object: (Art. 21 RGPD and Art. 4 LPD). The party concerned can ask for his/her personal data to not be treated. The COMPANY shall stop the data treatment, except for legitimate reasons or the defence against claims that may arise.
  • Cancellation: (Art. 17 RGPD and Art. 5 LPD). Lets to ask for the personal data removal when that said data is not needed anymore for those purposes it was collected in the first place.
  • Limitation: (Art. 18 RGPD and Arts. 12, 13 y 15 LPD). USERS can request the limitation the use of their data in the following situations:
    • While their data is being checked after its veracity has been disputed;

    • When the data treatment is illicit and the party concerned expresses his/her objection and desire of limit the use the COMPANY does of his/her data.

    • When the COMPANY does not need to treat your data but you need them to exercise or defence a legal claim.

    • When you have objected your data treatment for a public service mission or achievement of a legitimate interests, while it is being verified which right has to prevail.

  • Portability: (Art. 20 RGPD). You can receive electronic information about the personal data you have given and also the data obtained because of your relationship with the COMPANY, and either way USERS can transfer their data to another entity.

USERS can exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition against PERRELET, S.A., whether sending a written communication to PERRELET, S.A., Rue Bubenberg, 7, 2502, Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) specifying your personal data and attaching a copy of your ID card, or using the following E-mail address:

Storage period

The COMPANY shall store the personal data from those USERS of the website that have given their permission with one of the purposes indicated supra following these criteria:

  • Related to the offer of products and/or services that may be of the users’ interest, the managing of the sending of requested information, and also to the managing of requests, questions and claims: we store these data for as long as it is needed to do so to fulfil the mission (answer the question, give the information, etc.)
  • Related to the video surveillance: images are going to be stored for a month and after this time, images are going to be deleted. However, when a crime or offence is recorded and so these images have to be given to the authorities, those images shall be stored with the purpose of make them available for the authorities, not being able to be used for other purposes.

Every user and consumer that understands and considers the COMPANY has not treated his/her personal data as it should have been done according to law can submit a claim or complain to the competent supervisory authority using this link:

Additional information

Under age users: According to the article 8 RGPD, the treatment of the minors’ personal data is only legal when they are 16 years old at the least. However, minors older than 13, but younger than 16, can give their consent in a valid way if their national law recognizes this right for them, and as long as is the owner of the legal parental custody who gives the actual consent in their behalf. There is no way for people under 13 to give their consent for the treatment of their data in their own behalf.

Data update: Clients and consumers that are interested in the products and services of the COMPANY and/or its promotional commercials have to communicate, immediately, whichever modification or change of their data, so that the information the COMPANY has is updated and with no mistakes.

Links: This website can contain links to other websites. Bear in mind that we are not responsible of the privacy policy and data treatment other websites use.

This privacy policy only applies to the information that this website collects. We highly recommend the reading of the privacy and the data treatment policies other websites apply.