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This Website is owned by PERRELET, S.A. (from now on, PERRELET), entity inscribed in the Canton of Bern Commercial Registry (CH-645.1.003.749-0), with social address in the Bubenberg Street, 7, 2502, Biel/Bienne (Switzerland).

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USERS that access and use this Website know and accept the general terms and conditions herein, and the modifications that occur thereto. USERS should access these general terms and conditions periodically in order to be aware of them.


The following conditions affect the access and the use of the website, whose owner is:

  • PERRELET, S.A.(from now on, the COMPANY).
  • Rue Bubenberg, 7, 2502, Biel/Bienne (Suiza)
  • Inscribed in the Canton of Bern Commercial Registry. (CH-645.1.003.749-0).
  • Phone number: + 41 (0) 32 346 26 26, Fax number: +41 (0) 32 346 26 27.
  • E-Mail:


The COMPANY provides the public (hereinafter USER/S) that access the domain (hereinafter WEB) information related to the COMPANY and with the products and services that the COMPANY provides (hereinafter CONTENTS).

The CONTENTS of the website have the finality of inform and announce the activities, products and services provided by the COMPANY, and have a general and guidance character, in no way being binding for the COMPANY.

The language used by the COMPANY in this website will be Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, notwithstanding the use of other languages, being those national or regional. The COMPANY shall not be held liable for USERS’ comprehension or understanding of the website language, neither for the consequences thereof.

The COMPANY may modify the contents without prior notice, as well as eliminate or change contents within the website and change the way the contents are accessed, at its own free will and without justification whatsoever. The COMPANY shall not be held liable for the consequences that such actions may cause to USERS.


USERS may Access and use the website free of charge without prior authorisation, subscription or registration.

Access and use by USERS of this website does not imply any obligation whatsoever regarding the quality and speed of access provided by the COMPANY, which may modify the terms of access or suspend access to the website or part of the website without prior notification. The COMPANY may not be held liable for the consequences or damage caused as a result of modifying access to or suspending the website.

The hardware and the software necessary to access this website shall be responsibility of the USERS. The COMPANY shall be not responsible for the functioning or the consequences thereof, nor for the user rights or licences required for their use.

The COMPANY shall also not be held liable for any anomaly, malfunctioning, deterioration or erasure of data or software that occur to the computers or systems of USERS as a direct or indirect consequence of accessing or attempting to access the website.

The COMPANY reserves the right to interrupt access to the website and to interrupt the presentation of any or all of the Services that may be provided through the website, at any time and without prior notice, as a result of technical, security, control or maintenance reasons or due to electricity supply failures or to any other reason.


USERS who Access to the COMPANY website, shall do so in accordance with the Law, and they agree at all times to not access the website or the contents thereof in a manner that is contrary to that established and/or for purposes that are illegal, that are harmful to the rights and liberties of third parties or that may damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the website to the detriment of the COMPANY or of third party users.

Specifically, USERS shall not do:

  • To use the contents of the website to promote, to hire or to divulge publicity or information that is theirs or of a third party without the authorization of the COMPANY, they shall not use the website to send publicity or information using for that the services or information that are provided to the users, regardless whether is with or without cost.
  • To post using the website whatever information, content or material that is false, misleading, or fraudulent, that one can consider as a slander, obloquy or defamation, that instigates hate (racial, religious, sexual, etc.), that is inappropriate because it is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit, or it may damage the COMPANY reputation.
  • To use the website in a way that interferes in any way with the use and enjoyment of the website for third parties.
  • To infringe the website security and/or the computers’ systems or networks the website is connected to, including any server related to the website or its content.


Any right of the web or related to it, including the domain name, its structure, the contents (like texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, images, graphic design, font code, applications, video, audio, data base, etc. – hereinafter the CONTENTS) belong to the COMPANY in an exclusive form or to third parties, whose rights are recognized by the COMPANY, being all them subject to the current legal order.

It is expressly prohibited the copy, reproduction, distribution, modification, transformation and public communication, including its way of being made available, of the total or part of the CONTENTS of the website with commercial finalities, in any holder or support and in any technical way, without the COMPANY express authorization.

The brands, logos and commercial names that are showed in the website are registered commercial brands and those shall not be used unless the COMPANY gives its authorization.

In no case, the use of the website gives the USER a right over the brands, logos, commercial names or its content.

The infraction of the obligations, prohibitions, exclusions, etc. listed above, apart from being an infringement of the present dispositions, may be constitutive of a crime/s punished by law.


Personal data provided by USERS through this website shall be treated according to what our Privacy Policy states (, either being referred to the Swiss Federal Law about Data Protection (LFPD) or being referred to what is disposed by the EU Regulation 2016/649 of the European Parliament and the Council, April 27th 2016, related to the Protection of the physical people regarding the treatment of their personal data and its free circulation, as well as what is disposed in the norms that adapt their national legal systems to that said EU Regulation and the rest of legislation regarding the information society and e-commerce.

In that sense, the information by layers related to the policy regarding the data protection that have to do with the access and use of the website answers the following basic information:

Responsible of the treatment



To offer and provide the USERS of those products and/or services that may be of their interest and to manage the sending of the information they may ask for. The development, realization and managing of the selection process of the COMPANY, in function of the interested indicated areas and also in function of the current offers one may has sent his/her candidacy.


  • Legitimate interest safeguard: Art. 13 (1) LFPD; Art. 6 (1) (f) RGPD.
  • User’s consent: Art. 12 (1) LFPD; Art. 6 (1) (a) RGPD.
  • Contractual obligations’ compliance: Art. 13 (2) (a) LFPD; Art. 6 (1) (b) RGPD.
  • Legal obligation’s compliance: Art. 13 (1) LFPD, Art. 6 (1) (c) RGPD; or in pursuit of the public interest: Art. 6 (1) (e) RGPD.

Treatment manager

Data is being treated by the person in charge.


  • Internal: from the COMPANY itself
  • External: other companies from the group and, promptly, third parties’ in charge of the treatment


To Access, rectify, object and delete the data, as well as other rights, like it is explained in the Additional Information.

Additional information

Additional information and detailed in the “Privacy Policy”:

In pursuance of the current regulations in force about Data Protection, we inform you that our website includes links to electronic addresses and forms which you can use to contact with our company. The COMPANY will not use your personal data with other finalities that then ones stated in this clause o are written in the footer of each form that is in our website.

Its use supposes you are giving your express consent so the COMPANY treats your personal data with the finality of enabling the whole service provision that is its activity’s object and to manage the requests that you can make (i.e. your request to include your curriculum vitae in our system, to register in our website, to be given some information, etc.).

The remission of your curriculum vitae expressly authorizes the COMPANY so it can yield your complete personal data to those organizations that our human resources department may contract so they manage a selection process.

The information that is been given through the free text fields, or in the files, links or attached documents, shall not contain confidential information or specifically sensitive information (racial or ethnic origin, ideology or political, religious or philosophical policies, affiliation to some political parties or trade unions, mental or physical health, biometrical or genetic data, your sexual orientation, your criminal record, social security number, your personal identification number, etc.

In case that kind of information is given, the USER accepts their own responsibility for any kind of damage their privacy may suffer of.

If we detect this information, we are going to proceed to delete it from our systems and it is not going to be considered for any reason or purpose in our selection processes.

We use cookies and similar devices. Go to our Cookies Policy (https://www.perrelet/index.php?id_cms=22&controller=cms) to know more about the kind of cookies and similar devices we use, to know the entity that manages them, its finality, its duration and other relevant information.


The COMPANY shall not be held liable in case there are interruptions of the service, delays, mistakes, failures, bad functioning and, in general, whatever inconvenient that may be caused by causes that escape from the COMPANY’s control, and/or are the result of a malicious and guilty action of the USER and/or are originated by causes of force majeure. “Force majeure” includes all the events happened outside the COMPANY’s control (like third party, operators, or services’ companies’ failures, Governments acts, problems accessing third parties’ networks, acts or omissions from the Public Authorities, those consequence of natural disasters, blackouts, etc. and the attack of hackers or third parties specialized to the system’s security and integrity, as long as the COMPANY has adopted all the security measures available. Either way, whichever is the cause, the COMPANY will not assume the responsibility for those direct or indirect damages and loss of earnings.

The COMPANY excludes all responsibility for the damages of all nature that may occur because of a lack of veracity, exactitude, completeness and/or currency of the stored, disseminated, received and made available data, or the data that one an access to through the website. The COMPANY shall try, as far as possible, to keep the data actualized and to correct the information that does not comply with the minimum standards of veracity. However, the COMPANY shall not be held responsible for not updating and correcting the contents and the information that are in its website.

The COMPANY shall not be held liable for the viruses, worms or other informatical issues that may deteriorate or can deteriorate the systems and the USERS’ hardware once they access the website or other websites one can access to through the website. The COMPANY shall make liable those USERS that are using the website incorrectly or are damaging third parties, and also for those viruses and worms they may introduce, generate, allocate into the website, damaging its contents and its functionality as well as damaging the users’ website systems and hardware.

USERS’ access to the website’s content is made under their own responsibility, so no consequence will reverberate against the COMPANY.

USERS have prohibited to delete, to alter, to elude or to manipulate every protection device or security system that has been allocated in the website.

The COMPANY reserves the right to modify, at any moment, the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as its legal notice.


The website can contain hyperlinks to other websites. Those hyperlinks have only been included by the COMPANY to make easier the users’ navigation and also their connection to other websites.

The inclusion of a hyperlink to another website does not mean, by any means, the COMPANY is suggesting, sponsoring and/or recommendation the use of those linked websites, nor does it mean the COMPANY is guaranteeing the content, services, goods offered or sold by those websites.

The COMPANY does not verify the websites that are linked through those links, neither the information, materials or products that those links contain, so, the user recognizes and accepts that the COMPANY shall not be held liable for the actions, services, products, content or policies those websites use, including its personal data treatment and their terms and conditions of sale. The COMPANY does not guarantee nor assume any kind of responsibility for the damages suffered because of the access to third parties’ services through the links and connections from our websites. The finality of those links that appear in the COMPANY website is, exclusively, to inform about the existence of other sources of information in the Internet.

We suggest for the USER to read carefully the terms of use, the conditions of sale, the privacy policies and all the legal information that is allocated in those linked websites.


The COMPANY wants to inform of their highest commitment about their compliance of all the rules, laws and norms during their activities and operations.


In case a dispute may arise because of the interpretation, application, execution, etc. of those terms and conditions of use, the COMPANY and the user, with express resignation to whatever other jurisdiction may be available, submit to the Court of Biel/Bienne, in Switzerland.