Aesthetic codes

Style of Perrelet Watches


Signature Crown

The dedicated winding crown on the Turbine collection is perfectly integrated within the case. Viewed from the side, it merges seamlessly into the flowing lines to create a unique visual effect. Its smooth operation is guaranteed by a safety latch that enables winding and time-setting when placed in the open position.

Adorned with the brand’s characteristic P initial, the crown lends a distinctive aesthetic finish to the watch.The Turbine EVO collection presents a new crown redesigned with grooves for more practical use and easier time adjustment and movement winding.


Double Rotor

Embodying the singular nature of Perrelet, inventor of the automatic movement, the patented Double Rotor gives a starring role to the ingenious winding system.

The traditional rotor is complemented by another rotor that is permanently visible, either in the center or around the periphery of the dial, depending on the model. This perfectly synchronized pair ensures enhanced performance and enables the wearer to admire or keep track of the steady to-and-fro oscillations.


Fluted Pattern

Fluting is a traditional watchmaking pattern that has been given a contemporary twist. The square-section hollows form cleanly structured pilasters on the case middles.

While generally fairly closely spaced on classic watches, they are broadened and even raised on the daring Turbine models. This pattern is picked up on certain crowns to ensure an enhanced grip.



These elements serving to attach the strap or bracelet to the watch case make a major contribution to the Perrelet style.

They are generously sized and stand out from the case so as to accentuate their presence, while their sharp-angled design asserts their contemporary nature and their broad curves ensure optimal comfort on the wrist.



Since 2009, the Perrelet Double Rotor has been interpreted in a new way with the upper rotor replaced by a large 12-blade wheel that turns freely over the entire dial surface, in step with wrist movements.

The Turbine collection plays with a wide range of colors and motifs appearing as a backdrop and creating fascinating optical effects. Visual pleasure is the chief priority. Over the years, the Turbine has become an authentic brand icon and has evolved considerably.

In 2013, horological complications such as the chronograph and the tourbillon have been added. An important step has thus been taken, paving the way for promising further developments for the brand.




Perrelet destaca por sus exclusivos puntos de venta, ofreciendo una experiencia única de relojería a través de su destacada herencia y artesanía suiza.



Perrelet ensures an exceptional experience beyond the purchase with its after-sales service, offering personalized attention and tailored solutions for the care of its watches.