Manufacturing Warranty

Coverage and Exclusions

Any manufacturing defects are covered by an international warranty from the date of purchase, provided that the warranty card is properly completed, signed, and stamped by an authorized dealer.

The warranty does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by improper handling, as well as damage to the sapphire crystal and the strap.

Only repairs carried out at service centers officially authorized by Perrelet are covered by the international warranty.

Any other claims against Perrelet, such as contract rescission, refund of the purchase price, compensation, or replacement of the watch, are excluded.


If you wish to activate the warranty extension for your Perrelet watch, please access the following form to register your watch in your collection as a member of the Perrelet Owners Club

More Perrelet Services

At Perrelet, commitment to our customers is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Beyond offering the finest products, we take care of maintenance, repairs, and restoration of all Perrelet pieces. With meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled expertise, we ensure the impeccable care of your Perrelet watch, preserving its timeless elegance and performance.



With this extended warranty program, your watch will receive expert care for a total of five years from the date of purchase.



Peace of mind for a lifetime of enjoyment. Perrelet watches are designed to endure, and our master watchmakers will ensure that your watch remains in perfect condition, service after service.