Legacy of Knowledge and Character

For more than 2 centuries, Perrelet has been the embodiment of technical innovation in watchmaking. From its early days, with the development and manufacture of the first self-winding watch in history, or the first rattrapante chronograph, the founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, made it clear that he was not going to be just another watchmaker in the swiss watch industry.

Almost 250 years later, the Perrelet house continues to strive constantly to offer its customers and admirers products that reach one step further, representing the highest expression of fine watchmaking. Watches that quickly become an object of desire for their owners, and a certain envy in their social circle.


Watch Manufacture

Perrelet masters all facets of the watchmaking art. Capable of developing and producing all the parts composing its movements, the brand is distinguished by a singular and indeed unique approach combining industrial efficiency with artisan-style workmanship.

It thereby offers the most demanding horological enthusiasts a guarantee of peerless originality and quality. In its quest for perfection, Perrelet integrates the ingenious expertise and manual skills of its watchmakers under a single roof and even produces its own escapements – including the balance spring, an extremely rare token of competence stemming from ten years of research and development.

Dozens of complementary watchmaking professions serve to enhance innovation – the cornerstone of the brand and its enduring promise to Fine Watchmaking enthusiasts.


Automatic Movements

All Perrelet watches are equipped with automatic movements. This is the principle to which the brand has remained steadfastly attached for over 200 years, in tribute to Abraham-Louis Perrelet and his invention in 1777.

Its various calibers, entirely crafted, decorated, adjusted and assembled inside its own workshops, push the limits of precision and technical refinement. Whether a traditional automatic caliber, a patented double rotor movement, or a tourbillon, the brand offers a broad and rich choice of possibilities and compositions.

They are all equally captivating and fascinating, capable of satisfying the expectations of the most discerning connoisseurs.


Turbine Concept

A fascinating interpretation of the “double rotor” concept, the Turbine has since 2009 rapidly become the iconic Perrelet model.

The collection is the ultimate embodiment of creativity and naturally appeals to fans of innovative horology. Turbine timepieces offer their lucky users a range of optical and visual effects that are unique in the watchmaking world, thanks to the ingenious combination of a free-spinning propeller-type upper rotor, rotating at full speed in step with wrist movements, and an under-dial on which designers can give free rein to their imagination.

Building on a unique, emblematic and instantly recognizable design, the Turbine collection takes on a variety of faces in both masculine and feminine versions.


Turbine Evolution

Loyal to its pioneering spirit and keen to express its horological expertise more powerfully than ever, Perrelet reinforced the Turbine collection in 2013 by associating for the first time a horological complication with the characteristic playful creativity of this line.

This approach thus gave rise to the Turbine Chrono and Turbillon models. By taking on board the chronograph and the tourbillon, the Turbine model is paving the way for promising future developments. In 2014, Perrelet presented its new Turbine Pilot collection combining the turbine concept with that of the circular aviation slide rule: a new exercise in both technical and stylistic terms, for a truly unique aviator watch.

In parallel, Perrelet launched the Turbine Skeleton, a model associating the turbine with a Manufacture-made skeleton movement that reveals its full charm when the turbine located above the dial spins freely and at full speed.


Watchmaking Passion

Perrelet is a watchmaking front-runner and influencer. Right from its origins, almost 250 years ago, the brand was considered a pioneer and a pillar of Haute Horlogerie.

As the inventor of the automatic or self-winding watch, Perrelet has consistently cultivated an avant-garde spirit teamed with complete mastery of the elaboration of its timepieces. The brand is driven by a passion for precision and rigorous technical discipline, infused with a hint of difference and singularity. Its watches embody a new modernity in a spirit of sportiness and excellence.

While the brand faithfully perpetuates the watchmaking heritage of its legendary founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, it naturally expresses its intense passion for horology in both present and future tenses.


Movement for Perrelet P-411 automatic watch




Automatic movement for Perrelet P-391 watch


Mouvement pour montre automatique P-481 de Perrelet


Movement for Perrelet P-421 automatic watch


Mouvement pour montre automatique P-321 de Perrelet






Bewegung für automatische Uhr P-381 von Perrelet


Movement for Perrelet P-401 automatic watch


Automatische Uhrwerk-Bewegung P-361 von Perrelet


Mouvement automatique calibre P-181-H


More about Maison Perrelet

Discover the essence of innovation at Perrelet, where our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in our unique vertically integrated manufacturing process. From the meticulous selection of the finest raw materials to the meticulous craftsmanship that brings each exquisite work of haute horlogerie to life, we precisely control every step of the process.



Since its foundation in 1777, Perrelet has been a pioneer in watchmaking innovation. From the creation of the first automatic mechanism to the exclusive Perrelet watches of today.



Heirs to a lineage of master watchmakers, Perrelet has continued to innovate since 1777. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to excellence and passion for haute horlogerie.