Certificate of Authenticity

Ensuring Perrelet Excellence

At Perrelet, we take pride in the craftsmanship and dedication we put into each of our watches. Only a Certified Perrelet watch inherits the genius of the brand's founder and will be valued as such. To ensure the quality and value of your investment, we offer a Certificate of Authenticity service for Perrelet watch owners.

  • Have you lost the documentation for your Perrelet watch?

  • Have you inherited an old Perrelet watch and wish to verify its authenticity?

  • Do you want to confirm the authenticity of a second-hand Perrelet watch?

The Perrelet Certificate of Authenticity offers you the peace of mind knowing that your watch is genuine. This certificate will be necessary if you wish to insure your watch for its proper value, increase the value of your watch collection, or, if you wish to sell it, provide reassurance to your future buyer that they are acquiring an authentic piece manufactured at Maison Perrelet. 

What does the authenticity certification service include?

1. A thorough examination of your watch by the master watchmakers of Maison Perrelet, the true specialists in the pieces that have been manufactured throughout the history of the brand.

2. Verification of the authenticity of all components of the watch, including the movement, case, dial, and hands. In case any component is not original, replacement with Perrelet fittings may be proposed.

3. Confirmation of the origin of the watch through a review of Perrelet's historical records.

4. Issuance of an official Certificate of Authenticity, signed by a master watchmaker of Perrelet.

How can I request the service?

To request your certificate of authenticity for a Perrelet watch, Request your Service Kit, with which you can send your watch to our watchmakers.

Fill out the form and send it to the address: Our authentication service will contact you.

The cost of the Certificate of Authenticity service is 400 EUR. Once the payment is made, you will receive a kit at the indicated pickup address, including a protective case, a box, and a prepaid label for shipping via an urgent transport agency.

Send your watch using the prepaid service. As soon as we receive your watch in our certification services, we will contact you again to give you an approximate time frame for receiving your certificate of authenticity. Once certified, we will send back your Perrelet watch along with the certificate.

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At Perrelet, our commitment to our customers is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Beyond offering the best products, we take care of the maintenance, repairs, and restoration of all Perrelet pieces. With meticulous attention to detail and unmatched experience, we guarantee the impeccable care of your Perrelet watch, preserving its timeless elegance and performance.



With this extended warranty program, your watch will receive the care of our experts for a total of five years from the date of purchase.



Tranquility for a lifetime of enjoyment. Perrelet watches are designed to last, and our master watchmakers will ensure that your watch remains in perfect condition, service after service.