Watchmaking laboratory

Perrelet watches are designed to be the most reliable and beautiful chronometers in the world. With proper care, these cherished possessions can be passed down from generation to generation, just as the Perrelet family passed down their love for watchmaking over 200 years ago.

Excellence in maintenance service

Crafted with the finest materials and the utmost craftsmanship. Movements are meticulously assembled and tested to ensure their precision and durability. Cases and dials are designed with timeless elegance.

Perrelet mechanical watches are renowned for their flawless performance. To ensure your watch continues to operate at its peak level, it is essential to have it checked periodically. We recommend having your Perrelet watch checked every two years and serviced every five years. This will involve a thorough inspection and cleaning of the movement, as well as the replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

Our authorized service centers are staffed by highly skilled watchmakers who have been specially trained to care for Perrelet watches. They use state-of-the-art equipment and genuine Perrelet parts to ensure your watch is returned to you in perfect condition.

A legacy of precision and craftsmanship

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Your Perrelet watch is a valuable investment that deserves to be appreciated for many years to come. By following our recommended maintenance program, you can ensure that your watch remains a source of pride and satisfaction for future generations.

As valuable pieces, both economically and sentimentally, they deserve to be cared for and protected.

The maintenance and repair of high-end Perrelet watches is a delicate process that requires the intervention of the most qualified technicians. In our watch laboratory, we have a team of experts with decades of experience in the industry, trained for years in our manufacture and knowledgeable about the most exclusive pieces made in-house.

Our methodology to ensure the quality of watches

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1. Visual inspection

Each of the pieces we receive at the Perrelet watch laboratory is visually inspected to detect any external issues.

2. Performance test

Next, operational tests are conducted using high-precision machinery to determine errors or inconsistencies in the piece's operation, followed by a thorough investigation to detect any potential issues with the watch components.

3. Cleaning

The watch is disassembled, and all its components are carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or oil residue that may interfere with its operation.

4. Disassembly and cleaning of the movement

With all possible delicacy, the movement disassembly is carried out. The technician disassembles the watch component by component, paying special attention to each piece. Each one is individually analyzed, searching for any anomalies or defects that time may have generated. If any problem is detected, the piece will be repaired or replaced with original components from Perrelet.

All disassembled movement parts are carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or oils that may interfere with the proper functioning of the watch.

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5. Replacement of parts

After carefully analyzing both macroscopically and microscopically the suspicious piece causing the issue detected during the initial verification, the technician from Perrelet Laboratory will take the necessary actions to solve the fault. If it's not possible to carry out a repair with guarantees, the piece will be replaced with original supply from Manufacture Perrelet.

If necessary, restoration of movement components may be opted for, which may entail a longer period of time in the service intervention.

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6. Functionality verification and fine-tuning

Once the identified defects in the watch have been addressed and all its components have been prepared for proper operation, Perrelet's qualified watch technicians reinsert the parts into the movement, which once again springs to life and showcases the magic of an automatic mechanical movement.

Then, its proper operation is verified before proceeding with the final assembly of the watch.

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7. Assembly of the movement into its case

The Perrelet movement has been successfully repaired and is ready to once again offer all its splendor of automatic mechanical operation to expert watch collectors who value these mechanical jewels.

Our technicians proceed with the assembly of the caliber into its case, which is done using machinery that ensures the proper sealing of the piece. The proper operation of the piece, its power reserve, is verified, and after performing the final checks and assemblies, the watch is ready to be returned to its owner.

The maintenance process of a high-end Perrelet watch is a delicate and meticulous process that requires the intervention of highly skilled technicians.

The aim of this process is to ensure that the watch operates correctly for many years. Perrelet's watchmaking laboratory boasts a team of experts with decades of experience in the industry. They use the latest tools and techniques to ensure work of the highest quality. Our technical services, located around the world, are able to offer the high levels of quality and excellence that Perrelet timepieces deserve.

Trusting in the Perrelet watchmaking laboratory means trusting in the best team of professionals and in the support of the original manufacture since 1777.

Only Trust in Well-Done Work

When a Perrelet automatic watch leaves our watchmaking laboratory, we know it is in perfect condition to provide the precision and functionalities you expect from your luxury timepiece. Perrelet technicians take pride in their work and strive to offer the best possible service to their customers, continuously training in advances in watchmaking techniques as well as traditional methods. They are undoubtedly the skilled professionals to keep your watch in perfect condition for generations.

If you have a high-end Perrelet watch that needs maintenance or repair, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you keep your watch in perfect condition.

More Perrelet Services

At Perrelet, commitment to our customers is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Beyond offering the finest products, we take care of maintenance, repairs, and restoration of all Perrelet pieces. With meticulous attention to detail and unmatched expertise, we guarantee the impeccable care of your Perrelet watch, preserving its timeless elegance and performance.



With this extended warranty program, your watch will receive expert care for a total of five years from the date of purchase.



Get a Certificate of Authenticity for your Perrelet watch. A thorough examination by our master watchmakers guarantees the originality of your piece. Enhance the value of your investment and enjoy the peace of mind of owning an authentic legacy.